Giving up…

It took me much longer than I expected, but finally I gave up and opened my blog (thanks Steven!). This is actually a good time to see if this blogging stuff actually works: I must admit that I’m still a bit skeptical about people actually wondering what’s up with me and caring about what I write here, and this was basically the reason for waiting so long before opening my space.

Truth is I find myself more and more into reading other’s blogs, and from time to time I’m willing to reply to others, so it might well be that, from time to time, someone might be interested in reading mine too. So here we go.



1 thought on “Giving up…”

  1. Welcome Gianugo!
    Gianugo has boldly leaped (been pushed?) into the blogosphere. Welcome! I expect to see lots of interesting gossip and not a little discussion of such disparate subjects as music and law on there 😉 In other news, I’ve just been…

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