Mistery words

Today I was casually googling for Orixo, and I found out that Google was suggesting me to search for “orixa” instead. I was curious and digged a bit on that word, to find just misterious portuguese sites citing that name but in a way that I couldn’t really grasp  (very little portuguese spoken here…).

Luckily, one of my bosses is quite fond of Brasil, so I finally found out that Orixà (accented) is a word linked to african religious traditions imported by the slaves, mixed in centuries with Christianity and part of the popular culture of many north-eastern brasilians.

The exact meaning should indicate altogether the deities of this religion, something like Exú, Lógunnède, Nanã, Obá, Obaluayiê, Ogun, Òrúnmìlà, Ossain, Oxalá, Oxóssi, Oxun, Oxumaré, Oyá, Tempo, Xangô, Yemanjá. Now, if anyone knows more on this topic, expecially on the exact translation of this term, I’d be very interested to learn.

Nice to see, on another site, that Orixà is translated as “forces of nature”: not exactly what we meant when we finally decided for the Orixo name, but nevertheless it sounds good. :-)

Yes,  you never stop learning.