At last! After a couple of months of enormous struggling, I’m finally settling down somehow, slowly catching up with all I left behind.

Short version: we have a new house and a new, powerful ADSL line with a static IP (courtesy of my employer): it sure seemed a very good time to clear the dust off my faithful SparcStation 4 (ah, memories!) to see if I could get something useful out of it.

So, I’m back blogging or, better, betablogging since there are quite a few rough edges to sort out: will the poor 32MB, 60Mhz and 200MB free-disk Sun pizza box survive any load? Will this Linotype based experiment suit what I need from a weblog? Well, I guess time will tell.

For the curious in you: the Sparc4 machine, of course, isn’t running Cocoon. The Cocoon application is running on my notebook, with blog contents being dumpedon the local disk courtesy of wget (I had some weird issues with the Cocoon CLI insisting to rename my .css into .css.html) and rsync’ed to the web server, which is then serving just a static site.

So, this is Apache 1.3.27 (latest binary available from Sunfreeware, did I mention that I have no compiler on the baby since gcc just doesn’t work?) serving you pages generated by a very slightly modified (path adjustments mainly) version of Linotype: as soon as some cash flows in, the Sparcky will be replaced by something able to run Cocoon directly. The photograph on the left is an old picture of the Lanterna located in Genoa, a small tribute to the place I come from.