Orkut: social software or Big Brother on the loose?

I have been invited by a good friend to join Orkut, the new Google-affiliated social experiment. I actually joined and started filling in personal information, but after a while I started wondering what might happen if and when this service will be highly successful. Will really Orkut owners refrain to use all the material we’re happily giving them for free? I mean, they will end up with an enormous database of personal habits (which boil down to how you spend your money), preferences, geographic locations and the like: in an overparanoid scenario, consequences might be quite … well… scary.

I keep reminding to myself that the Google motto is “don’t be evil”, and I sure hope that they’ll stick to that. OTOH, it will be interesting to see where all those FOAF-like experiments will bring us: somehow I share Matthew’sconcern (will all this be really useful apart from the obvious dating thing?), but there might be some interesting scenarios open. Right now I’m impressed to see that after a few hours I am (in theory) connected to more than 5.000 people: when will we meet for a beer? :-)