Switching ahead!

Bad news: yesterday my faithful Linux box started to bite me. After one year of trusty service, the hard disk decided to go nuts and start moan & groan. From there it has been a dreadful plethora of painful reboots, scary backups and lost work (oh well… think about timing).

Good news: I will manage to have a new computer today.

Great news: I will be a switcha too! I’m due to pick up a brand new 15 PB” (yeah, the big one: Superdrive, 1GB, Airport Extreme and all the goodies) shortly. Can’t wait for the shop lady to call and confirm that the baby has arrived. Going to be a funny day…

Aside: I really should thank my employer for this. Anyone else would have send me a replaceament hard disk for my no-name notebook, but those people decided in minutes to listen to my rants  (and possibly clean my drooling from the floor whenever I saw one pass by) and went for the Mac. Thanks guy, I won’t let you down: I promise that my productivity boost will pay off your investement in less than you’d ever thought