Long time no see…

OK, I did it again. For the third time in a row, I just quit blogging. I started a period of travel, loads of work, new passions and, hence, no time for blogging. And well, there would have been loads of thing to talk about, so let’s try to quickly wrapup:

  1. First and foremost, I have been nominated and accepted as an ASF member. This is a glorious accomplishment and a great honor, I’ve rarely felt so proud in my life. Thanks to all you guys for letting me in: I hope I will keep on deserving this position;
  2. My golf is definitely getting better:I managed toplay a couple of times on a “real” course, with a score not so far from letting me get an official handicap. Meanwhile, I passed the rules exam and I have a brand new card from the Golf Italian federation to prove my license to kill. But it’s still a long way to perfect pars;
  3. I’m officially on a diet. Let’s see what happens this time: for the moment, balance is -5kg;
  4. I’ve been involved in a project having to do with Business Process Management (BPM if you prefer acronyms to buzzwords). We’ve been using jBPM and well, I must say I’m quite happy with it, even if it’s still beta 2, and you can notice that. Their versioning classloader is definitely an interesting piece of code;
  5. I’m about to start a very important Cocoon-based project. Hope to give you more news later on;
  6. Last but not least,I’m participating in a new blog. The Orixo weblog, a place for us Orixians to put up Cocoon news, Orixian wild thoughts and overall Open Source related ramblings. I’m wondering how is like when blogging becomes a part of your job. I might even become a more regular and consistent blogger…



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