New year, new propositions, new blog

I’m back. I mean it. I really mean it. Promise.

I finally decided to decommission my old faithful SparcStation4 sitting on my DSL line: too much of a hassle to maintain stuff where you can’t install a compiler, you can’t update software in a reliable way and you have to crawl to reach the server which can’t be attached to a monitor (not to mention that I’m not that likely to buy a serial cable adapter for my Powerbook – assuming that it works – to dump Solaris 7 in favor of some SparcLinux flavor where I could not run Java anyway). Thanks to my employer this blog is now hosted on a reliable server, powered by b2evolution and ready to accept new stuff.

So, I have a blog again, and one of the new year’s resolutions is to really maintain it: no less than a hundred posts a year, possibly more. Let’s see in a year from now if I was able to stick to this promise.

Some random news: this is going to be a multilingual blog. Open Source and work-related stuff will be in English, while my more personal log (ramblings about golf, musing, news, cooking and other miscellanea) will be in Italian. Or maybe not, I still have to figure out this category thing. However, my English only readers might want to subscribe to their favourite feed here, while italians (or people willing to learn some of Dante’s mother tongue) can subscribe here.

Other new year’s resolutions include writing a Cocoon based blog engine (Linotype is cool as a starting point, but I really could use more stuff), so be prepared to change your subscriptions…



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  1. Re: New year, new propositions, new blog
    Looks like I’m not the only one resuming blogging in 2005: Gianugo made the same resolution. We’ll see who is going to break the promise earlier ;-).

    Other new year’s resolutions include writing a Cocoon based blog engine (Linotype is cool as a start…

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