Geeky propositions for 2005

2004 has definitely been a business-oriented year. Not that I don’t enjoy talking to customer and advocate open source in general, quite the opposite actually, but I’ve been sorely missing some “hands on” stuff. So, given my huge amount of Copious Free Time (not!) these are my geek side Open Source objectives for Y2005:

  • build a Lucene & Cocoon based blog engine/micro CMS, as much feature complete as possible;
  • finish up and publish Sourcerer, our Cocoon based remote repository management tool;
  • help the Jackrabbit & JSR170 effort;
  • get back to some serious Cocoon stuff
  • build a ESI compliant HTTP proxy cache, possibly with Simpleweb if nothing better comes out in the meantime
  • check out Rails, which looks definitely cool;
  • decide whether Daisy (which looks quite good but still has a few things I’m not really sold on) can really be my preferred CMS alternative. If so, join the party.

Phew, that’s a lot of stuff. I know I won’t have the time to accomplish even a fraction of that, but the list looks interesting anyway…