Taming the terminal

One thing I was missing from Linux was the ability of having different color/font/dimensions from my countless terminal windows. I’m a heavy CLI user: I just seem to have a bad relationship with mice and file manager windows.

Quicksilver saved me from opening everything from a terminal, but still I always keep a frightening number of terminals open at any given time (the current total is 8, but this has been a quiet day). Unfortunately, given this huge mess, even Exposé is able to sort me out anymore: fonts are just too small to really understand which one is the window I’m looking for.

Today I just realized that I was spending way too much time fiddling with terminal windows. A quick Google search taught me that Terminal.app settings can be saved in .term files, and that opening a .term file actually fires a terminal with the correct settings. It took me some time to create the four different profiles I need (two different kinds of remote shells, a local shell and a tiny window to control running applications like Tomcat and Jetty), but finally I am back in control. Well, once again Apple rocks! Now, if only rumors are true and there is really a $500 apple box coming, I think I’ll start to seriously lobby my company to gradually switch our Linux workstations…



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