Busy week ahead…

Expect lightweight blogging: holidays are now over, and everyone will wake up tomorrow with stuff to do. We are also on the final stage of an interesting CMS project, and that will absorb quite a bit of my time. There are a couple of projects in their bootstrap phase, and they will require my attention as well.

Also, I’m resuming travel: wednesday I’m demoing Cocoon Forms some 300km from here (hope weather will be nice and without fog, it’s going to be a longish drive). And yeah, then there is the usual business work, with offers to do, documentation to write, general backoffice stuff and, most prominently, a very interesting business proposition to follow. Finally, we committed ourselves to a new version of our site by end of this week. Interesting times ahead: let’s see if I can manage to keep up with blogging as well… 48-hour’s days anyone?