DIY weekend

It’s good from time to time to move from the virtual world of electrons and algorithms to more concrete labor experiences. Our new house still needs some badly overdue finishing touches, and this weekend I took the chance of a most welcome visit of my brother to get some job done. Luckily for me, he’s just finishing a carpenter course, so I thought it was a right time to assess his just gained skills and see if we could make our nice home look even prettier.

I spent the weekend working as a carpenter assistant, and we managed to finish the bathroom door and mount a brand new door for an elevated storage compartment where I’m currently storing my small homegrown NOC as well as a few things I don’t want to see around. The final result looks really nice, not to mention I got some advice for free to do the remaining work. Thanks bro! I foresee a few more DIY weekends to add the finishing touches. It’s definitely good to have loved people around who are able to help you out in practical stuff… did I mention that my other brother enjoys plumbing as a hobby (he’s the one who has done entirely my two bathrooms a year ago)? I guess Andrew will be jealous. :-)



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  1. Soffri anche tu del famoso “ritorno alla natura degli informatici”, che piu’ lavorano con i computer, piu’ desiderano tornare a coltivare i campi, fare i falegnami e cosi’ via…. ma cos’e’ un NOC?

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