Tortellini feast

Is there anything better, after a long day of work, to find out that your beloved one managed to cook a surprise dinner?

Those are world famous handmade “tortellini”, filled pasta with ham, mortadella, roasted meat and parmesan cheese: hard stuff to do, since dough is first laid out in thin layers, then cut in small squares with a small nut of filling laid out in the center. The small squares are then fold in half on the diagonal, producing small triangles, and here you need to master some origami-like technique to produce the peculiar round shape by gently rolling the triangles, fold once again horizontally at roughly 1/3rd of the height, around your pinky finger. As usual, a picture is worth a thousand words:


Boil them in salted water, season with butter and sage, and enjoy your meal! Now, I definitely don’t need a specific reason to love my wife, but if I would, this could be a very good (and yummy!) one.