Traveling ahead

Leaving tomorrow for a week long trip to Rome. Lots of work, meetings, dinners and interesting stuff ahead, but it’s going to be an interesting journey: since I’m staying for some time, I decided to drive (600+Km), and of course we’re expecting bad weather and freezing cold. At a very least, I should be able to avoid fog, but still it’s going to be a longish drive with ice and snow waiting for me between Bologna and Firenze.

After a long week of work, though, a nice weekend is waiting for me: my wife will join me in Rome, and we plan to stay in Umbria or Tuscany over the weekend, seeing nice places, having good food and enjoying a few days off.

Going to sleep now, the alarm clock is set to 5AM: I want to leave before 6 to avoid traffic jams in escaping Milan. Given the upcoming intermittent network access, expect lightweight blogging.



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