Back home

Phew… it has been a long, busy and very interesting week. No time at all for blogging, given that when I’m in Rome I have no internet access after working hours, except for lousy GPRS (if anyone knows of a decently priced Rome hotel in the EUR neighborhoood offering in-room Internet access, I’d appreciate a note).

The week balance is definitely written in black ink: we managed to get a few things straight, and while this looks like the busiest year ever, we have a bunch of very promising ideas, and I’m eager for action (even if “action” means writing lots of business documents before getting to the fun stuff). It also looks like I’m going to travel a bit better: instead than hopping randomly on a plane for one or two days, I’m going to spend a week in Rome on a regular basis, trying to pack everything up and get things done in a more efficient way.

I’m just too tired to blog more details (been driving roughly 700km today), but I will report some interesting stuff in the upcoming days: stay tuned.