Firefox and OS X 10.3.8

Is it only me having issues with Firefox after updating to 10.3.8? All of a sudden (I can’t think of any other cause) Firefox randomly (but annoyingly often) takes forever after loading a page to return control to the UI: the page is rendered just fine, I see no signs of activity, yet the beach ball keeps spinning, and it takes more or less a minute to be able to use the browser again.

I also tried to move my Library/Mozilla directory away, but that didn’t change much (actually it wasn’t even re-created), and I tried reinstalling Firefox as well… of course to no avail: I’m forced to use Safari and try googling for a solution, but after getting used to Firefox it feels quite bad to be back on Apple’s browser. Since I can’t find many people complaining, I assume it’s me having done something wrong, but at the moment I’m out of ideas to sort myself out…

Update: a few hours of painful ktrace, tcpdump and lsof earnt a few suspects but didn’t nail the issue down. However, I discovered that the correct profile to delete was Library/Application Support/Firefox, so I reset my browser to factory defaults and now it seems to work (finger crossed). The issue seems to lie with some Firefox extension fighting with the latest OS update rather than on the browser itself, but I currently lack time to discover what went wrong. I have my Firefox back, and I’m happy with it.



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  1. Hello, I am using Firefox as well as Camino (which is basically another browser specifically designed for Mac OS X by Mozilla). I think, that Camino is way more Mac style then Firefox. So, probably this is your solution?

  2. ok for me, but I have another problem… I can install extensions only within the application by pressing the cancel button, I cannot put them in my user profile and they don’t show in the extension manager :(

  3. I am having this EXACT same problem and I’m trying to hunt down why. Let me know if you have any luck because it’s frustrating the hell out of me!

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