Ajax smells hype

Let me stress this first: I’m very interested in Ajax, and I definitely like the final result and the impressive UI improvements it brings. However, I can definitely smell a lot of hype around it: two different (instant?) books, (pseudo) libraries showing up, countless blog posts, coffee machine discussions, third place in a google search for the term “ajax”, all that is somewhat worrysome.

Combine this with a not-so-strong foundation (does really XMLHTTP, an emulated ActiveX hack, qualify as a foundation?), limited cross-browser compatibiliy, and a real danger of spaghetti code and tangled webs of unmaintainable stuff: the final outcome I can expect is either a large success in the low-end market or a huge hype going to fade pretty soon. I definitely plan to keep an eye on it, and even use it (actually we already did) in very specific scenarios, yet I’m afraid Ajax is going to grow as a set of hacks rather than as a sustainable and long-lasting technology. But time will tell.



3 thoughts on “Ajax smells hype”

  1. With any luck, the hype will lead to all of your points getting addressed. It is only with hype that this sort of thing leads to wide support in browsers. I see 3rd tier browsers coming forward with new implementations and bug fixes in these areas.

    With all the hype people will start discussing best practices, maitainability, and standards. Hype can lead down bad roads, but it can also spur great stuff.

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