Back to the blogosphere

This blog has been down for roughly two weeks now. Unfortunately we had a major hardware crash over here: you can be redundant as much as you want, but if 3 disks out of 4 die overnight, there is little you can do apart from an impressive amount of swearwords and curses. So, the last two weeks were spent trying to:

  • recover stuff from backups (and interesting journey to the past of my sysadmin experience);
  • find a new colo given that the old one – where this server will be sitting for another few days – has not been supportive at all (no helping hand whatsoever, no remote reboot facility, in a word plain crap). Whois is your friend if you want to stay away from these guys;
  • travel and work like mad given that this major crash came in the worst moment ever, with lots of stuff to do;
  • finally, find a moment to resurrect this blog from a less-than-faithful backup

Definitely not the funniest period of my life. Next week is going to be busy as well, with my regularly scheduled travel to Rome showing a crammed schedule of moving machines around, delivering a very important project milestone and handle some slippery slopes than need my attention. But it feels good to be back anyway.