Tiger is here

So I happily joined the crowd of Tiger adopters (isn’t anyone out there updating?) and so far I have mixed feelings. After the update my machine slowed to a crawl, possibly due to Spotlight indexing (this was somewhat expected) and it took a full night to recover (when I woke up, indexing was still running).

When my powerbook went responsive again, I found myself stuck with Mail.app consistently crashing whenever I tried to perform exotic operations such as opening a message. Nothing seemed to work, and I was about to switch to Thunderbird and sorely miss Spotlight indexing on my emails, something I desperately need and one of the main reasons for an upgrade. Luckily enough I found out that I needed to upgrade my GPGMail extension, which is next on my todo list, right before filling up my dashboard with useless eye candies.

Overall, everything seem to work and the machine looks a tad faster as well: however, I can’t quite understand why my hard disk keeps spinning all the time (no, it’s not swap). Spotlight again, maybe? More than performance, what’s worrying me is hard disk and battery life: being a roadwarrior with powerbook batteries already showing signs of wear, I’m afraid I might not be able to enjoy my 2+ hours of unpowered life anymore.



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