It looks like the DNS pain is over and my blog has switched. My secondary DNS, coupled with some CNAME weirdos due to nameserver synchronization, have been giving me some interesting time to wonder how the whole Internet can live on such a crappy infrastructure, where if you happen to make a mistake in DNS configuration you have to wait for every lame server out there to grasp your modifications. But it seems to be OK from a few hours.

So, I’m hosted on my new server now, even though I didn’t move my blog to WordPress as I expected to do. Actually I did install WP, and I also migrated my old posts: unfortunately the migration wasn’t as smooth as I wished it to be (encoding woes – surprise!), which means I’m a kind of b2evolution hostage at the moment. Not that I care this much, actually: I liked some WP features, but I can perfectly live without them for the time being. Finding time to blog is much more of a problem for the time being than dealing with the blogging software.