We’re back from this last week of vacation. Wonderful place, definitely worth the visit and the long drive to get there: staying in a work of art definitely paid off in terms of relax and great time doing nothing but bathing in the wonderful thermal pools, reading books and letting the hot water cuddle us.

Too bad the weather hasn’t been that nice: while we haven’t been struck directly by the floods that hit the western part of Austria (we were on the eastern side), we did experience our more than fair share of rain. Compared to the wonderful time we had anyways, all in all it has been a small price to pay and a good excuse for some additional rest.

My agenda is horribly packed for next week already, with a good deal of traveling waiting for me in the following months: a few trips to Rome, then maybe Amsterdam for EurOSCON and almost definitely San Diego for ApacheCon, where it seems I had a few talk accepted (woot!). Most probably I’ll skip this edition of the Cocoon Get Together for a number of reasons, but here is a link and a strong suggestion to go if you’re curious about Cocoon: it’s cool. I’m sure I’ll miss meeting fellow Cocooners in front of the traditional ribs: I hope I might make it for a hackaton day, but no promises.

The program looks crammed enough, so I’m better get some additional rest in the next 24 hours before delving in what seems to be a crammed – yet exciting – year of work, with lots of news to come. Time to bed then!