Nice EJB3 introduction

If you, like me, have lost interest long ago in the whole J2EE stuff and don’t feel motivated enough to skim through EJB3 specs to see if there’s anything worth to look at, don’t miss what Filippo has been doing lately. In his three last posts (with more coming), Filippo (among others, co-founder of the Milano Java User Group) skims all the latest and greatest from the EJB world with a very clear and nice approach: good stuff indeed! Makes me want to play with EJBs again (well, almost….).

Disclaimer (and shameless plug, as well): in just a few days Filippo will join our team. I’m happy and proud of having him on board, helping us and our customers build solutions around the most interesting technologies around. Welcome, Filippo!

Suggestions for an handheld/GPS combo?

Dear Lazyweb,

I’m on the market for a new car: my old one has an onboard navigation system which I’ve got addicted to, so I started looking for a similar option for my next four-wheeled travel companion. I soon found out that integrated satellite navigation systems are a complete rip-off, with the lousiest models (no maps, just arrows, single country, etc…) starting in the 2K€ range and decent ones averaging 3/3.5K€: there is no way on earth I can accept such an incredible hoax, so I’m looking for alternatives from the handheld world.

I’ve never been a huge fan of handhelds, I used to find them pretty useless for my daily life, but this might be a right time to find out if the newer generations suit my needs in a better way. The primary goal of the new gadget, however, should be in-car navigation, the first and foremost requirement is effective GPS capabilities with good software and no tangled wires whatsoever (a mounting bracket is all I’m willing to accept, and barely).

Next to that, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity is a must to enjoy some Internet access while on the road, with the largest display I can get and a decent choice of e-mail and web clients. I don’t care about taking pictures, but I might consider GSM/UMTS phone capabilities as a plus to dump my Nokia 6600. Finally, I’m a Mac diehard so whatever is unable to talk to my PowerBook doesn’t meet the requirement list. Given that budget is between 500 and 1.000€ all-inclusive (that is, handheld, GPS, software and maps), what would your suggestions be for this late Christmas gift?

What? A lawyer?

From time to time people discover that actually I am a lawyer and start wondering how is it so and how I found myself doing Open Source and tech stuff instead.

I got tired of telling the story every time, so now that I have this mini-site I can finally tell people “this information is on my weblog”. Beware: it’s quite a long read.
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Back (in a number of ways)

“Back” seems to be my very own meme for this year’s end:

  • first of all as you might have noticed, I’m back to the blogosphere. Don’t expect huge amounts of conversations: I’ve been dropping blogging for the past few months due to a number of reasons, both personal and professional: some nasty, some unexpected and some great: I’m not going to delve into each and every one, suffice to say that in the upcoming weeks some of those reasons (well, at least the good ones) will face up, and suffice to say that life has been like a roller coaster lately;
  • then, actually, I’m back to that roller coaster. More stuff is happening, and it seems it’s going to be, for better or for worse, a major turning point in my personal life. And no, I’m not going to blog about it, but if you see me disappear, don’t hold your breath just yet.
  • finally, my back hurts. A lot. I’ve been basically in bed for the past few days, swallowing all sorts of painkillers and medications, wrapping my lower back in plasters and trying to convince myself that I’m not such an old fart. So far, I haven’t been that successful and I guess it’s almost time to seek for professional help.

Oh, by the way, this post is also an excuse to test the new blogging software: I finally decided to abandon b2evolution in favor of WordPress, for the very same reasons almost everyone is switching. I’m sorry for the noise this is going to cause in your aggregator feeds: hopefully this software, this time, is here to stay (well, apart from the skin, that is).