It’s there!

It’s new. It’s shiny. It’s FAST (or at least they say so). Check it out on the Apple store.

First impressions:

  • I believe in benchmarks as much as I believe in leprechauns. I hope the 4x promise is true, but I could happily live with a 3x increase. Heck, every increase is welcome at this point!
  • “Ho-hum?” to the integrated iSight camera. I don’t need it, I used it mine maybe 3 times since I bought it, but with increased power you never know.
  • Thumbs down to Apple photographers and web designers: I still don’t quite understand if the new Macbooks are a darker shade of gray (as it seems from the store home page) or if it’s still the old Titanium look.
  • Having a single SO-DIMM as the default for the 1GB Macbook is nice. Thanks, Apple.
  • The graphic card is definitely able to drive the 30″ cinema display: nice! Not that I’m going to buy one anytime soon, but it’s good to know there’s bandwith enough.
  • I’d have appreciated a 7200RPM disk as default stuff, but at least it’s a (not so pricey) option at 100$ a pop.
  • The brand new power adapter I had to buy today will go down the drain, given the new geeky magnetic connector.

Now, where is that 2006 budget sheet? Looks like I’ll have to increase my February allowance…



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