Battery Update rocks!

I don’t know if my fellow Powerbook is trying to redeem itself before I trash him for some new stuff or if the battery stuff that showed up yesterday on Software Update is really making a difference, but battery life seems to have received a consistent boost since the upgrade.

This morning, confronted with a lengthy meeting to attend, my aluminum friend greeted me with 3h:10m of expected battery life, something I haven’t seen from ages and, which is even more surprisingly, it actually lasted *exactly* that long (from 11.05AM to 2:15PM, I could have squeezed a few more minutes in but I had to leave)! A not so nice side effect, though, seems to be extended charging time: it seems it will take roughly three hours to recharge the battery I used this morning.

Now, I’m wondering what were they doing previously to drain that much power for nothing…