If you don’t know Italian…

You don’t know what you’re missing. After a 5-years long hiatus, Vinicio Capossela, my long-time favourite artist finally gave birth to his new work of art. “Ovunque proteggi” is an amazing CD: I still have to grasp all of it, but looks like Vinicio is at his best ever in quite a few tracks. If you like Tom Waits, John Fante and Charles Bukowski, and if you’re not scared by exploring weird and ever-changing musical atmospheres, Capossela is a guy you shouldn’t be missing: it might be difficult to get a hold of his recordings outside Italy, but it’s well worth the effort.

I, for one, am looking forward to his next Milan concert, due April 10th: I have fond memories of every single Vinicio venue I attended, so there is no way I’m going to miss the next one. You shouldn’t, too. :)



6 thoughts on “If you don’t know Italian…”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. My wife (who speaks Italian) and I (a very very rudimentary speaker) will be in Italy for a few days next month, in Milano and Torino. Perhaps it would be possible to meet for a drink and chat about Apache / Pro-Netics stuff?

    Also, if you had any suggestions of good Italian pop singers whose diction / pronounciation is clear, so that I can improve my Italian language skills by listening to them, I would appreciate it 😉

  2. Absolutely, Yoav, I’d be delighted to meet you and talk about some interesting stuff. Do get in touch with me as soon as you know your dates, so that I will do my best to make sure to be in Milan by then!

  3. Now, about singers, I’d suggest you start with some of the early records of Fabrizio De André. In most cases you get ballads and poems clearly spoken out and quite understandable: just avoid the ones where he sings in his local dialect (which, by the way, is my dialect as well). This one could be a good start.

  4. “… which, by the way, is my dialect as well”

    Ciao Gianugo. I didn’t know you were another ligurian emigrant, like me. 😉 See you at the next JUG-MI

  5. O belin! I’m a ligurian by all means, singing “ma se ghe pensu” and rejoicing from Genoa victories… :)

  6. Nice to see that you’re on the right side :-) even if I don’t care about soccer since a long time.

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