On getting attention

Our logo contest has been online for six days now, and it’s time for a status update. Numbers are worth a thousand words, so let’s start with a few figures:

  • We had more than 10.000 visits in six days. Not bad at all.
  • We received roughly 40 proposals, and we’re now showcasing them in our contest gallery.
  • The blogosphere welcomed us with more than 50 posts (excluding planets and aggregators) re-launching our initiative.
  • Google results for “Sourcesense” have been boosted from 5 to roughly 300 pages.
  • We have been contacted by 2 different VCs. Nothing more than a “what’s up guys?” as of now, but definitely a tell-tale sign we have been able to make our voice heard.
  • Oh, and I shouldn’t forget we got 1 song, the Sourcesense rap! Thanks Steven, might not earn you a Macbook, but we might consider a Garage Band license if you feel like adding some music as well…

So far this is an impressive experience on how a nice idea could become an effective below-the-line and cluetrain-infected marketing strategy. Reaching such a large audience using traditional means would have required spending a fortune: sticking to the same budget we were already willing to spend on a professional agency to get our logo, we got a huge amount of free buzz, not to mention a very good chance to get a nice logo as well (by the way, I’m not alone in the panel, but this is my personal shortlist as of now). Just keep them coming: there is still plenty of time left to get your hands on a Macbook in exchange for a logo!

Finally, it’s time to work hard not to disappoint the high expectations slowly building around us: expect light blogging ahead, Sourcesense are busy preparing the real thing!

The (in)famous Catacomb ODBC patch

There has been some noise on the Catacomb list lately: it’s good to see development has started again, with a few people wondering where did the ODBC patch we contributed some 2 years+ ago (thanks to Ricardo Rocha, who was working for us at that time).

That patch never made it through the official CVS for a number of reasons, but it seems everyone and his dog has been hunting for it in the past few months. I tried to send it to the Catacomb list, to no avail, and I forwarded it regularly to everyone who asked, which meant digging my hard disk every time (we haven’t been using that patch since then, and I’m getting old).

Trying do to our best to help the Catacomb community moving forward, here is an release of the code Ricardo patched to provide ODBC support (Apache licensed, of course). Note: if you plan to use Oracle, you might want to download the date fix patch as well. Happy DASLing with Catacomb!

Win a MacBook Pro!

Short version: design our new company logo and win a MacBook Pro!

Longish version: we’re starting a new OSS-based company. We already had our fair share of sleepless nights, spreadsheets and planning (with more facing at the horizon, you’re never done working!), now it’s time to think about decloaking, which requires a nice web site and, of course, a logo. We have been talking with a few local agencies and we gave it a shot ourselves, but lately we figured out that what we really want is being a bit disruptive, give the Lazyweb a try and see if we could find over there the cool visual identity we’re looking for: after all, on the Internet, the world is really a small place.

When thinking about the prize to award, the MacBook Pro became quite an obvious choice: given how much we’re drooling and dying to get our hands on one of these babies, we figured out that we wouldn’t be alone in considering Apple’s newborn child as cool stuff, worth a few hours sketching out a nice and creative idea. So, it’s your turn now: go read the brief, the contest rules and use your imagination!