Win a MacBook Pro!

Short version: design our new company logo and win a MacBook Pro!

Longish version: we’re starting a new OSS-based company. We already had our fair share of sleepless nights, spreadsheets and planning (with more facing at the horizon, you’re never done working!), now it’s time to think about decloaking, which requires a nice web site and, of course, a logo. We have been talking with a few local agencies and we gave it a shot ourselves, but lately we figured out that what we really want is being a bit disruptive, give the Lazyweb a try and see if we could find over there the cool visual identity we’re looking for: after all, on the Internet, the world is really a small place.

When thinking about the prize to award, the MacBook Pro became quite an obvious choice: given how much we’re drooling and dying to get our hands on one of these babies, we figured out that we wouldn’t be alone in considering Apple’s newborn child as cool stuff, worth a few hours sketching out a nice and creative idea. So, it’s your turn now: go read the brief, the contest rules and use your imagination!



4 thoughts on “Win a MacBook Pro!”

  1. Ahem, Gianugo… do you still have my resume and phone number? 😉

    Give me a call if you have any vacant position… and good luck with your new venture any way!


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