The (in)famous Catacomb ODBC patch

There has been some noise on the Catacomb list lately: it’s good to see development has started again, with a few people wondering where did the ODBC patch we contributed some 2 years+ ago (thanks to Ricardo Rocha, who was working for us at that time).

That patch never made it through the official CVS for a number of reasons, but it seems everyone and his dog has been hunting for it in the past few months. I tried to send it to the Catacomb list, to no avail, and I forwarded it regularly to everyone who asked, which meant digging my hard disk every time (we haven’t been using that patch since then, and I’m getting old).

Trying do to our best to help the Catacomb community moving forward, here is an release of the code Ricardo patched to provide ODBC support (Apache licensed, of course). Note: if you plan to use Oracle, you might want to download the date fix patch as well. Happy DASLing with Catacomb!