On getting attention

Our logo contest has been online for six days now, and it’s time for a status update. Numbers are worth a thousand words, so let’s start with a few figures:

  • We had more than 10.000 visits in six days. Not bad at all.
  • We received roughly 40 proposals, and we’re now showcasing them in our contest gallery.
  • The blogosphere welcomed us with more than 50 posts (excluding planets and aggregators) re-launching our initiative.
  • Google results for “Sourcesense” have been boosted from 5 to roughly 300 pages.
  • We have been contacted by 2 different VCs. Nothing more than a “what’s up guys?” as of now, but definitely a tell-tale sign we have been able to make our voice heard.
  • Oh, and I shouldn’t forget we got 1 song, the Sourcesense rap! Thanks Steven, might not earn you a Macbook, but we might consider a Garage Band license if you feel like adding some music as well…

So far this is an impressive experience on how a nice idea could become an effective below-the-line and cluetrain-infected marketing strategy. Reaching such a large audience using traditional means would have required spending a fortune: sticking to the same budget we were already willing to spend on a professional agency to get our logo, we got a huge amount of free buzz, not to mention a very good chance to get a nice logo as well (by the way, I’m not alone in the panel, but this is my personal shortlist as of now). Just keep them coming: there is still plenty of time left to get your hands on a Macbook in exchange for a logo!

Finally, it’s time to work hard not to disappoint the high expectations slowly building around us: expect light blogging ahead, Sourcesense are busy preparing the real thing!



3 thoughts on “On getting attention”

  1. Hello dude,
    I am one of the submitters (i-am-the-winner is the title of my page, but it’s ironic, i don’t feel that kind of graphic guru), but I liked the idea so much.
    In fact, one of the things really interesting is being in contact with you. I think I’ll send you a resume or something soon, it could be really interesting to see what’s up for a guy who is willing to work in an open enviroment like yours 😉
    Keep the good work! Good luck with your logos!


  2. Hi again!
    Seems like the contest is going wildly up!
    Congratulations, your idea has been a breakthrough.
    Nonetheless, I know I’ll be the winner… 😛
    Just kidding.

    Seems like you’re very busy… no posts since S.Valentine’s day. yup.

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