Busy, busier, busiest…

I’m writing this from seat 12D on a AMS-MIL flight, while we wait for at least another hour to leave the dock and proceed to the de-icing station. So much for your Amsterdam spring, Andrew. Remind me not to team up with you on weather forecasts, given I had my share of screwed previsions in the past.

At a very least, this is a good time for a small update on what’s going on over here. First of all, let me state that the whole concept of “here” is somewhat blurred: I’ve been constantly traveling all over Europe and Italy, in the past few weeks, frantically trying to keep up with my schedule and playing catch up with the load of good stuff happening. But yes, I’m starting to wish I had a dime for every mile I’ve been traveling lately, and it’s not going to be over anytime soon.

Enough with the gripes, though: these are very interesting times indeed from the business point of view. Sourcesense is progressing nicely on all fronts: growth has been incredible for guys still operating somewhat undercover, so much that we’re actually considering turning the tables (uh-oh, more travel ahead) to face a constantly changing, and always more exciting, scenario. The logo contest played a significant role in all that: we’re happily sailing towards 250 entries (which could be happening this very moment, while I’m writing this status update in a disconnected fashion), which goes some 5x beyond our best expectations, and we definitely generated quite a lot of buzz. So much we decided to have an iPod Nano as a runner-up/consolation prize. I definitely wish I could submit something myself. :)

The downside of this very exciting scenario is that I’m getting to a state where I’m constantly tired to the point of feeling dizzy. While adrenaline from great news definitely helps, it’s hard to keep up with a schedule that keeps me working 12-14 hours a day on a constant basis, with barely enough time to cope with personal stuff such as getting a haircut (if you know me, you’re aware that’s not big business, but yet…). Moreover, I’m definitely missing some quality time with my better half, which makes me think it’s time to plan a few days off, assuming I’m not going to just sleep over them. I know this is supposed to be a spike, and in the end I’m really enjoying the moment, yet sometimes I’d just feel like someone who needs to sleep in his own bed much more (even had that weird sensation of waking up in the morning and require a few seconds to figure out where on earth are you?) and be able to just go out and play golf once in a while. But hey, overall the balance is definitely on the plus side, so as long as I survive it I’m happy and eager to share more news once we get a logo and we start working on our public presence.

By the way, the logo contest I mentioned before is due to hit the deadline soon: there are barely five days left to submit stuff, and competition will be tough. The unexpected number of entries is likely to give us some (happy) problems: when we started the whole thing we figured out it would have quite easy to choose among 30-50 proposals, which is what we expected to get. At 250, and counting, the task is going to be much harder, and we’ll need to devise a process of some sort. Since I want to get as much people as I can to choose what’s going to be their logo for years to come, and since I’m a convoluted guy, I imagine the best scenario will be:

  • every judge is required to nominate her favorite ten images. Hopefully, this should reduce the initial choice and bring us to 70-100 proposals;
  • everyone will have a right to veto (e.g. delete from the remaining pool) up to two images;
  • the result will then be ready for the final ballot, and I’m planning to use some kind of voting tool that allows to declare preferences, ending up with some sort of scoring (suggestions, anyone?). Ideally, the results of this vote should be able to provide us with the final leaderboard, and the winner.

If everything goes smoothly as axpected, I hope we will be able to choose a winner in a reasonable amount of time, and send the Macbook Pro/iPod combo to the winners. From then on, it will be a massive rush to get our site designed, our content crafted and translated and everything else ready for our public start!

Update: we spent 2.5 hours waiting for de-icing to happen, which was enough time for a bunch of middle-aged Dutch guys to get drunk and keep on shouting, especially while the captain was trying to tell us what was going on. I hit home around midnight, and my first meeting tomorrow is at 9AM sharp. Oh my…



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  1. It would be cool if the voting process was made public on the website, and we could see which logos made it through each step of the process.

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