With little more than 10 minutes left to the end of the contest, we managed to upload the 500th logo to our gallery. More are still coming, and the inbox is still full.

Gosh. I would have never imagined we would have got this far. I shouldn’t have asked my wife is she was willing to take care of posting logos in the gallery: she’s staring at her screen in total despair, wondering how long it will take to catch up with the backlog. Once she’s done throwing insults at people sending bad submissions, I guess some funny anecdotes will face up over here. Meanwhile, for all of you who have been submitting, rest assured that your logos will all be posted. It might require a few days, so don’t hold your breath, but they will be there, promise.



2 thoughts on “Five-freakin’-hundred!”

  1. Great work – congratulations on a successful contest! I entered, as well, so I can’t wait to see the results!

  2. I don’t know who’ll be the winner among the contenders… but, for sure, SourceSense is a winner as a company and an idea.

    May this success be a spark for a fire in the future.
    good luck guys!


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