Aren’t new toys fun?

Almost a month ago, my wife realized our faithful Powershot S20 decided to enter the Underworld of Failed Electronic Devices, leaving us in the cold and blatantly refusing to even read the CF card. Given the poor thing just had its 6th birthday, we couldn’t really blame the manifacturer, so we started looking around for a replacement: I had been considering an SLR for quite some time, in a hazy reminiscence of some photography classes I had as extracurricular activity while in primary school, and it seemed the time was just right to vent the sheer amount of dust from my somewhat obfuscated notions of aperture and exposure.

A few days ago, while having a Kebab lunch with my colleagues, I discovered that both Filippo and Andrea are passionate about photography, and I was definitely sold to the world of “real” gear. Andrea pointed me at an offer from our local grocery chain, who was giving away the EOS 350D for a bare 399€+12.000 fidelity points which, translated to real money, means roughly 500€: definitely a good deal considering the average Internet price of 650/700€. We went to the store on saturday and our order was fulfilled today (just in time for my next trip to Rome), which means we now have a new toy to play with, as you can see from the following image, showing a view at dusk from our bedroom window:

Desio at night

While this is not quite a work of art and it’s pretty far from looking like the masterpieces from Julian Cash, playing with the huge deal of camera settings has been great fun. Don’t expect this to become a photoblog, but I expect to be experimenting for quite some time…