ApacheCon Dublin

Apachecon Europe 2006 just started, and the first keynote from Mark Shuttleworth is over. I’m exercising my new camera and posting a few pictures on Flickr (you might want to look for the “apachecon2006” tag to see more from other attendees, or even “apacheconeu2006”, “apachecon” or whatever tag the next guy will decide to use).

Meanwhile, I’m frantically finishing up slides for my two talks, and getting some stuff ready for the Open Development BOF I just submitted, hoping a few people will show up to discuss the whole concept and how to approach it. If you feel like chiming in, head to the Ulster room tomorrow at 9PM, we’ll have some fun!



4 thoughts on “ApacheCon Dublin”

  1. Fabrizio,

    this is no news at all. Quite a few Open Source activists (inclusing myself) have been saying that for a long time. We owe to Simon Phipps the “connected capitalism” term, but I’ve been convinced for quite a while that self-interest is the main driver in Open Source, and for a reason.

  2. Well, but I do agree with this vision, absolutely. My question was about if there were objections to this vision by somebody – is this vision really agreed upon by everybody?

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