Sleepless Mac

Ah, Apple. They’re doing their best to make me switch from the “it rocks!” department to the cynic “well, it just sucks less” party. The latest news is that my Mac doesn’t like being put to sleep: on a regular and worrisome basis, when I open the lid on my MBP, the system is clearly being sleepless, with a glowing screen, some weird messages from airport asking me to join some unknown network from places I have been through, a box hot as if it has been crunching numbers all the way and an almost dead battery.

This is getting increasingly annoying. I started to blame my habit of using the lid to narcotize my computer, but it seems that even using the apple menu and waiting/double checking that the machine is sneezing before packing doesn’t quite help. Somewhat, when I’m carrying the computer around, the silver box awakes from sleep and starts working, which means both draining battery power and using the disk in a bumpy situation, something I don’t really fancy. Is it only my unfortunate machine, or is this a known issue?



4 thoughts on “Sleepless Mac”

  1. I have also had this problem ….but only very rarely. Maybe 3 times the past 1.5 years that I have my PB. More often it takes just quite long until it goes to sleep. (Like 6-7 seconds) So unfortunately I have to say that sometimes a reboot does seem to be necessary – even under OSX :-/

  2. Your story make me just remember all the issues with the first series of Titanium PB.
    That’s why I decided to keep my Aluminium PPC PowerBook for a few months more, before switching to Intel: if tech is bleeding edge, actually I’m not! 😉
    All the best (from a Mac user since ’89)

  3. It happened to me when I closed while it was already sleeping. Never happened when closing while alive&kicking….


  4. Apple is bad: selling proprietary hardware and proprietary software, using proprietary protocols (think of Ichat), and finally losing ground on robustness of its systems. I think that we must buy x86 PCs and use linux on it. Simply.

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