My dear French friends…

The die is cast. After long sessions of browsing through airlines, hotels and car rental sites, trying to assemble an Ireland trip for our August vacation, me and my wife decided that it doesn’t make sense to throw money away in stupid high-season airline fares, and to keep the Irish trip for September when prices will cool down.

Given we have a brand new (and almost working, yes, it’s not fixed yet) car, we opted for a driving trip through “douce France” instead, most likely up north (Normandie, Bretagne, and a few days in Paris of course). Suggestions on nice hotels, places to see, stuff to eat and golf courses to play are most welcome: the current rough (and flexible) itinerary ia Milan – Bourg En Bresse – Paris – Le Havre – Brest – Orléans – Dijon – Lyon – Milan, spread over 8-10 days to allow for a comfortable driving. It will definitely be a way for me to dust off my poor French, and I’m looking forward to great moments while driving through France. And, again, every kind of travel tip is of course welcome!