New blog template

Given my current statistics, there is a good chance you’ll be reading this from an aggy or a planet, but I won’t refrain from the usual “I have a new template” post anyways. My wife has been working on it since we both got bored from the nice yet abused “connections” theme: I wanted something that was orange and grey (guess why…) and she came up with the idea of adapting the “coffee cup 101” design to my orange mood.

All this with a twist, of course. The picture above come from our collection and are being adjusted to match the overall tone of the site. Thanks to some server side bash-fu, the picture will rotate every day, showing a different view of our small little world (my French friends will be pleased in noticing it’s mostly about our recent french vacation for the time being).

Guess I don’t have any more excuses to refrain from regular posting, now.