End of story, a journey begins

Everyone and his dog is commenting the Java opensourcing news, so much that I decided to avoid linking as there are just too many opinions flying around. I’ll just jot some random notes down to remember this day when I will read about it in 30 years from now:

  • no one seemed to notice we will have to wait for Java 7 before we can actually work with an Open Source VM from Sun. I guess Harmony will be faster in providing the community with a viable Open Source alternative;
  • unchecked: looks like Java ME won’t have the “classpath exception”, which in theory means developers will have to drink the commercial license pill or drown in GPL waters. Not a big issue, given the expected dual licensing, but still…
  • the whole thing is a real marketing avalanche. Apart from being a potentially huge nail in the coffin of Mono and .Net, especially after the controversial MS/Novell deal, opensourcing Java is finally going to shut the FSF diehards up. Two birds with a stone!
  • I enjoyed a few priceless moments today (the “Ha! I told you so!” kind) with a few people from the italian FLOSS community, which has been highly resistant to Java insofar, treating the Italian java community as second-class citizens of the Open Source world, or Sun drones. Time to dust your OOP skills off, guys;
  • the future of Java, and Open Source in general, is brighter then ever, but of course you knew all that.

Other than that, I guess it’s business as usual. As I never bought the Java trap, I don’t feel like I have more freedom today. As a firm believer in Open Development, I don’t think that a license will change that much with no community around it. As a realistic guy, I’m not running around shouting “the sky is falling, and Java will fork!”, as it’s clear how defensive Sun will be about their trademarks, while forks have much less relevance than they used to. I’m going to bed with a smile on my face, and a whole lot of questions getting ready for next week, when Simon Phipps is going to tell us more about the whole deal.