Harmonizing Cocoon

And so the great guys from Harmony managed run Cocoon on top of the fantastic software they’re writing. I wanted to blog about it a few days ago, then the usual amount of stuff hit the fan, and the news is no real news anymore, yet I thought I’d drop a line as it seems to me a major milestone.

The Gump guys used to say that Cocoon, with its HUGE dependency tree, was the ultimate testbed for their software. Maven had to learn the hard way what it means dealing with the amount of external, cross-referenced and tangled libraries we are using over here. Knowing that Harmony is now able to run Cocoon (together with Tomcat, Eclipse, JEdit and a bunch of other apps) means a lot to me, as it really shows that the project is going at a very fast pace and really nearing completion. If I was a mentor, I would have set it as a target to exit incubation (“runs Cocoon? Mission accomplished!”).

Looks like we’ll soon see a new Open Source Java VM straight from the ASF, properly packaged with friendly licensing terms and able to compete with the other guys in the block: interesting times ahead!