Wrapping up the OSBA roller coaster

Whoa. I’m slowly starting to recover to what has been my very own version of The Longest Day. Ever. Lots of fun, a great deal of gratification and a fantastic event overall, but I think I’m going to pay the price for the upcoming weeks. If a picture is worth a thousand word, a number is worth at least a hundred, so here we go with my own recap of the week leading to the first edition of the Open Source Business Academy:

  • 25 hours of sleep. Yes, in the whole week;
  • 184 OSBA-related phone calls;
  • 218 emails exchanged among the planning team;
  • 281 Subversion commits on the new Sourcesense site;
  • 104 minutes spent in traffic the day of the event (instead than the expected 35);
  • 31 slides for my opening introduction, written between 2 and 3am on Sunday night.
  • 1 broken microphone (mine, during the opening session of course);
  • 1.000 brand new Sourcesense pens (ask for one when you meet me!);
  • 400 Sourcesense caps gone MIA and still traveling around Italy;
  • 17 questions from the audience over the four morning sessions (first time the agency organizing the event sees that happening);
  • 3 professional camera operators filming the event, with 4 upcoming webcasts for those who missed the party;
  • 5 journalists interviewing (grilling, actually) yours truly over lunch;
  • 4 incredibly good speakers and sessions;
  • countless fantastic feedback, and a number of business opportunities and leads to keep up busy for the upcoming months.

Should you ever consider setting up an event, think again and wonder if you’re really up to forgetting about your life for no less than a week, and possibly more. When you’re almost ready to give up, think another time and decide to go for it: the experience has been extraordinary, and the reward is definitely worth the bumpy ride and roller coaster I’ve been through. So much that I can’t wait to start planning for the upcoming editions in the Netherlands and the UK. Keep an eye on the OSBA website, we are coming to a country near you!



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