OK Apple, what’s going on?

It’s definitely hard to be an Apple fan these days. I’m writing this while waiting for some important data to be backed up before I hit the road to the nearest Apple reseller, hoping I can get a new power supply as mine is failing. Again. This time, I’m experiencing exactly what happened to Ugo one month ago, and I’m furiously tapping my Magsafe every five minutes or so to restore functionality.

Daniele’s machine just got serviced, while Andrea’s has always been somewhat misbehaving: Apple hasn’t been able to pinpoint the problem, notwithstanding a couple of weeks spent replacing hard drives and running hardware tests. The “it just works” mantra really needs a “well, mostly” to complete the phrase.

Today I’m going to get a 89€ insurance as a spare power supply which I plan to leave at the office, given that I know this stupid issue is going to hit someone else in the next few weeks. I’m getting increasingly pissed off, though.



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  1. not to mention that since the last firmware update, my battery thinks it can only power my MBP for like 40 minutes tops. after that, it’s deep sleep time with no warning :-(

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