Small and local events win.

I know I’ve been through this before, but the evidence I’ve been gathering as of late deserves a new post.

First we had the first edition of the Open Source Business Academy: more than 120 people, where we managed to gather no less than 120 top managers, IT strategist and CIOs in a room to talk about Open Source strategies. A huge success, and a great way to announce our public presence.
Then, this weekend, the Rome edition of the Italian JavaDay has been a blast: more than 700 (yes, seriously, I said SEVEN HUNDRED: take a look) Java developers attending a geek venue build around a great program, a few generous sponsors (including Pro-netics, one of the companies behind Sourcesense), a non-working day and free admission. Numbers are even more mind-boggling if you consider how the event was supposed to be local stuff, limited to the Rome area and strictly in italian.

Reasonable budget (enough to be covered by sponsors) and good content is all you need to make people show up. No travel expenses required, no permission to ask from a boss, not even a day off is the event runs on a weekend day. This is a recipe for success, and I’m more and more convinced that the future of conference goes in that direction.



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