My new job

Now that the news is out, I can finally blog about it. Effective today, I’m no longer leading the italian branch of Sourcesense: as the European operations are taking place and getting into shape, I need to devote most of my time and effort to coordination and nurturing of our international plans. In a few days I will officially lead Sourcesense Europe, and I can clearly see new challenges on the horizon such as foster the Sourcesense brand and build a great network of Open Source-savy actors.

My italian seat will be taken by Giovanni Pirola, former director of the Sun Java Center and a great professional overall. I’m extremely happy to see Giovanni on board, and I could hardly think of any better choice: Giovanni has been in the Java industry since its inception, and has a fantastic track record in delivering great stuff to the Italian market. I guess I can safely say that he’s the most prominent guy in the italian Java landscape nowadays, and I’m sure he will outperform and attain all our objectives. Knowing that such a big guy was interested in Sourcesense was to me a huge boost, and the final evidence that we are indeed on the right track. Welcome, Giovanni: I know that Sourcesense Italy is in good hands and will be a real blast!

On a personal basis, it felt a bit weird handing over my desk to Giovanni: I used to be the only guy in the office with a fixed seat, and now I’m back to a road warrior status. Cutting the umbilical cord is never easy, but I know there was a great reason behind it. I’m now trying to figure out some logistics of my next job, which I expect to be full of traveling around, splitting my time among no less than three different countries , getting the European house in shape and caring about the next part of our journey. Interesting times ahead, indeed!



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