Airlines, airlines everywhere and not even a plane to board…

So what should a poor dude be doing on Friday night before Christmas? Decorate the tree, maybe? Think about last minutes gifts, possibly? Or just stay home, enjoying some time with his family and waiting to celebrate his wife birthday due in a few hours?

None of the above: I’m stranded in Rome, after a crazy day spent doing urgent stuff which needed my physical presence (God, I hate notaries!), trying to find my way among Dutch documents showing up three hours later than expected, a Dutch-Italian translation which we had to adjust at the last minute, a notary making us wait for more than two hours and a breathless rush through Christmas traffic to get to the airport in time.

I’m now waiting for the last stupid plane of this hectic year to arrive, pick us up, and bring our honorable buttocks home after two gate changes and nearly two hours of delay (which add up to the 1h30m I enjoyed on the inbound flight this morning) . Should i mention what is the fucked up airline I’m flying with?