This blog is OpenIDfied

Thanks to the great instructions from Sam, this blog should now be properly OpenID-enabled. Or at least they say so. I know at least one guy who will be happy to know I’m embracing this stuff, even though he hasn’t got any OpenID autodiscovery stuff on his blog (yet…).

I guess it’s now time to finally understand what I can do with all this: sounds promising indeed, but I guess we have to wait for applications to show up and make some concrete use of it.



5 thoughts on “This blog is OpenIDfied”

  1. Salve Gianugo
    non so se ti ricordi di me, dove posso contattarti comodamente.

    Yury Montagnani

  2. OMG I was OpenID enabled a few weeks before you! ROFL 🙂
    Still looking for some kind of useful application of my OpenID (claimID is working as well, just in case…) and trying to setup an OpenID plugin as soon as possible…

    cia’ f.

  3. Well, if every OpenID provided blogger started enabling this method of identification in his own blog, that would be a good point 🙂 I tried versalogic plugin for WordPress but at no avail.


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