Balancing luck

I knew I had to pay somewhat the sheer luck I had two days ago: I was able to board my London-bound flight in time, land 5 minutes early, and hop on two different connecting trains with no delay whatsoever, getting to Norwich four minutes earlier than expected. I’m now sitting at the airport, with an estimated delay (still to be confirmed) of no less than an hour, hoping that the weather in Milano doesn’t get any worse with snow delaying the flight even further or – heaven forbid – canceling it altogether.

Delays start to add up. Two weeks ago I was in the Netherlands, with two hours more than expected on both legs. I’m starting to consider I should track those stupid inconveniences: it would be no surprise to me finding out it would add up to several days in a year’s time. Maybe I should start billing airlines for the time I spend waiting for them to get their act together and start making sensible timetables…