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Blog hiatus, again. It’s been more than a month since my last post, and despite my frivolous attempt at writing about what I’ve been up to (Japan, work stuff and lots of travel), I haven’t managed to jot anything worth publishing.

Thing is, life is really crazy over here. Since I got back from Japan, I’ve been literally swamped in dealing with the backlog first, and doing lots of going around later on. I think I know every single employee of Schiphol airport by now, not to mention I could probably drive a cab through Amsterdam or Norwich without getting lost. During the first two months I flew some 45 hours already (that’s nearly 45 minutes per day in average, if you like statistics), slept in 9 different hotels for a total of 23 nights out (which amounts to two days out of five, including weekends) and had 33 business dinners (basically killing my diet more than every other day). I don’t even dare to count emails, meetings and phone calls, but I guess you get the idea.

And it’s way from being over yet: Wednesday I’m taking off to beautiful Napa Valley for the long anticipated Open Source Think Tank. I’ll be flying back on March 11, with a day to kill in SFO, so if you feel like meeting up for brunch or so just drop me a line. I will barely have the time to unpack before flying out to Germany, then it will be just about time for my usual weekly trips to the Netherlands and the UK. The final week of March I will be speaking at Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise in Philadelphia, most likely with a full week-end to spend in the NYC/Jersey/Philly areas so, again, I would most appreciate some company for a beer and a chat. I hope to enjoy Easter home, then I’ll be traveling lightly to Rome, Norwich and Amsterdam before heading to the Netherlands again and speak at ApacheCon Europe early May before leaving, most likely directly from AMS, to SFO where I’ll be speaking at JavaOne (woohoo!).

Incidentally, this means I’ll be crossing the Atlantic no less than three times in three months, earning a hefty amount of FF miles in return but getting nearly killed by jet lag and traveling altogether. I’m considering planning to turn my MBP into the ultimate entertainment center to escape the flying hell: given I’m now the proud owner of an Empower MagSafe cable, I expect the thingie to make the difference, assuming I can find a suitable seat, so I’m now chasing movies and games to make my traveling life less miserable.

Are you still wondering why blogging is so light over here?



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