Stupid airlines…

Taking the advice of a few seasoned traveler buddies, I thought I’d ditch Alitalia in favor of British Airways for my US bound long haul flights. So far, I’m less than impressed as it clearly seems BA is doing his best to make a traveler’s life miserable: the new policies (looks like the UK has a passion for stupid procedures) explicitely state that it’s impossible now to change your seat once the boarding pass has been issued. Too bad their online check-in is utterly buggy: when confronted with the worst seat ever being assigned to yours truly from the system, while being unable to change it apparently due to their poor browser support, I tried to cancel the whole procedure and try to sort me out at the airport, yet it seems that “cancel” to BA means “confirm the stupid seat you gave me and issue the boarding pass with no way to roll back. No, really, hell will freeze over before you can change your seat”. Net result: I’m stuck to a cramped seat for the next 14 hours or so.

To add insult to injury, it looks like BA now requires to show at the airport the credit card being used to buy your ticket, apparently because of fraud prevention. I’m lucky enough to be the boss and have the corporate credit card with me, yet this piece of plastic is what we normally use to fly our guys around the globe, and I don’t think we’re the only ones doing so: as much as it’s likely I’ll try to avoid BA in the future if this becomes a widely accepted tribulation, I’m starting to wonder what will the next step be to make our life harder.

Update: I was lucky enough to find a disgruntled yet helpful BA employee at Heathrow, who told me how they were pissed off with the new “no seat change” policy and how their group managed to find a way around the “inhibitor” that the company set up on their systems. He asked me to keep on complaining to see the policy reverted, and who am I not to oblige, given I should have a decent seat now?



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  1. pfft. Alitalia is bad, but BA is the absolute worst. Have you had “flight cancelled, travel overland at your own expense to other airport for different flight” yet?

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