See you in Philly!

I just got home from the Open Source Think Tank, and it’s almost time to pack again and cross the Atlantic one more time. Next week I will be in Philadelphia, talking about Open Source in Corporate Environments at Emerging Technologies for the Enterprise.

As my schedule gets tighter, this time I will have no room to hang out and have a look around: I will be landing in Tuesday and fly back on Thursday evening, which will make jet lag interesting stuff to master. If you happen to be around the Philadelphia area, just wave and I’ll be glad to have a chat over a beer or so while I’m attending the conference.

Hopefully travel won’t be too bad: I decided this was a good occasion to jump the cliff and give the “all-business” airlines a chance, so I’ll be flying via Paris with L’Avion, spending 70% than the coach class rip-off for short-length trips and enjoy a better seat, possibly with some sleep included on my way back. Bonus treat: I will escape the Heathrow security jokes. As it seems I’ll be crossing the ocean a number of times in the future, I hope this proves to be a good compromise between sustainable prices and travel comfort: where do I sign to have those guys open routes to the West Coast?