Traveling, the smart way

Salade de crevettes sautées à la vinaigrette de pistache
Poulet grillé à la vinaigrette de câpres
Brie ou Conté
Plateau gourmand

I’ve been eating all that, with some nice French wine, while sitting on a comfy and posh seat, with a decent 140° recline, on an all-business airline, flying from Paris to New York, enjoying a nice in-flight entertainment system as well as some overdue sleep. Flying on an all-business plane, with just 90 seats overall, makes a great difference indeed, from boarding time to on board service. If it wasn’t for security at Orly being even more stupid than Heathrow (modulo the long lines, at least), this could have been the perfect trip.

The nice touch: the flight was 30% cheaper than the corresponding sardine-class seat on a regular airline. While I can probably list a few better options from a comfort point of view (we’re talking about regular business-class seats with standard service, this is by no means lie-flat BA style, or Cathay’s most excellent cuddles), this type of traveling perfectly fits my bill: nice seat, excellent legroom, regular power supply (no stupid Empower) and a honest price is all I need.

I’m always reluctant in spending hefty sums in business class tickets where the price difference with coach could easily buy me a week to recover at the Imperial Suite of the nearest Ritz Carlton (with massage and spa included, of course): at the end of the day, traveling is miserable no matter what, and flying business is like camping on a tiny van instead than lying in a tent, no big deal and not worth the price unless there is some serious money to burn. Yet, if I can spend less and fly comfortably, why bother with a cramped seat?

I can only recommend those guys who managed to find a niche in the market, and I’m looking forward to their success, as this will hopefully mean more routes and I badly need new destination such as West Coast. Meanwhile, with my Open Source hammer handy, I’m wondering if I’m the only one seeing nails all around me and finding parallels between traveling smart, spending the right amount of money while getting a better service for less, and making smart IT choices with Open Source…



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  1. I have never taken a business seat but know what is to be in van with 5 friends. Would love to try Joost as a beta version and have seen that you are a blogger on the website. You might be able to help me? Thank you and engoy the good spa and the massage at the Carlton.Isabelle

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