Free, at last

No, I’m not talking about OpenJDK, despite being at JavaOne: that one will eventually be free, but it will also take some time.

I’m talking about myself: it’s been a long stretch of painful weeks with lots of stuff to do, including two different presentations for ApacheCon and JavaOne. All with the usual crazy traveling involved, and the crazy workload that just doesn’t seem to stop (they say it’s a happy problem, but for some reason that doesn’t quite help…). I find myself resonating with Rich: there is no place like home, and I just feel I want to get back and enjoy a few quiet days.

Anyway: I’m now sitting in the speaker services room at JavaOne: our presentation was well received yesterday night, and I’m now finding myself liberated after what just a few weeks ago looked like an impressive pile of stuff to do was finally reduced to some manageable workload. Time to get back to business, get a lot of stuff done, and possibly blog a bit more about a few news that got yours truly both amused and pissed off: more later. And, by the way, I’ll be in San Francisco for the whole JavaOne and the weekend after that, leaving on Sunday evening: if you want to meet, greet, shake hands and have a beer, please don’t be shy and send me a note!



3 thoughts on “Free, at last”

  1. Voglio sperare che tu abbia dei sostenitori italiani e ignoranti (oltre alla sottoscritta) che gradirebbero comunque sapere qualche cosa di più. Perchè non ci comunichi in volgare la tua ironia sulle cose estremamente serie che stai facendo?

  2. Gianugo, are you surviving the weather change from 32ºC yesterday to 16ºC today. I’ve sent a separate email to you, but I thought I would try a comment to see if mine are still disappearing. Hope to see you while you’re in the area.

  3. Gianugo, I’m looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. I hope that you’re surviving the temperature change from 32ºC earlier this week to around 16ºC today. Actually, I’m leaving this comment to see if it will go through. I’m at a different location than normal. Perhaps Akismet is blocking my normal IP address. I hope you don’t mind the test. Thank you.

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