Open Source, in style

Fabrizio did it again. Just a few days after I finally managed to get my hands on a Funambol tee with the great “Italians do IT better” motto, he’s coming up with another great t-shirt design. Check out his “235 more reasons to love Open Source” apparel, as it’s just hilarious and genius. Fabrizio: I’m sure you will have a great success with your company, but just in case you might consider an alternative career as a fashion designer…

This will be my one and only comment on the most short-sighted move Microsoft managed to do in the past few years. Being a European, I’m lucky enough (for now) to be only marginally bothered by software patents. My only suggestions to Microsoft would be to stop throwing stuff at the fan if they can’t realize they’re just in front of it, and maybe hire the guys who have been behind IBM’s donation of 500 patents for open source use, which was an excellent (and sneaky) way to assert that patents matter while being apparently nice to the community. Oh, and yeah, how about sending a few PR people to Leidseplein, Amsterdam, to watch and learn from this nice peristyle?

(For the Latin impaired: click here for a translation)



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  1. Well, about “Italians do it” – better, of course! 😉 – I started collecting Italians bloggers writing in English under a blog-roll entitled just “Italians do it”. The idea is to eventually end creating an “Open Source Pizza Connection” and I heard you’re working on making it real…am I wrong? 😉

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